Garrett Gerloff after acident: “It was my fault"

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Garrett Gerloff after acident: “It was my fault"

There was an accident on Motorlon Aragon involving Gerloff and Rea. Gerloff is the one who caused the accident and after the race, he went to apologize to Rea who finished in second place “I saw the incident and for sure I’m really sorry because it was 100 percent my fault and it was a mistake that I made,” said Gerloff, now in his second season in WSBK, as quoted by motorsport “I’m definitely frustrated with myself.

“Luckily I was able to see Johnny on the podium and talk with him and say that I was sorry. “I wasn’t trying to pass, that was not my intention. My intention was not to make a pass right there, but we braked at the same time and he just started to brake harder than I was expecting.

I tried to grab the lever as hard as I can but I just wasn’t stopping like he was. "My options were shrinking, and so I tried to release the brakes and go to the inside so that I could be in front of him and maybe I wouldn't touch him, but that didn’t happen.


Unfortunately for him, he drove well and, as he says, he felt good, but one mistake cost him “It was my fault and I definitely feel really sorry about that, and so unfortunate because when I picked the bike up I did feel really good on the bike, and even before the crash I felt good and felt I had the possibility to fight for the podium for sure.

I’m just frustrated with myself”. Rea described what everything actually looked like “Yeah, it was a surprise, especially that early in the race because everybody had a look when the tyre wrappers came off and I could see that Scott had the slick tyre, which I thought probably was the right choice,” said the six-time WSBK champion.

“With three minutes to go I actually asked my guys for a slick tyre run but [it was] too late. "So I knew that the race would settle down at some point and Scott would come. So this manoeuvre so early on that part of the track and the line was very small.

"Luckily, I didn’t go down because [his] bike was caught in my bike but I got on the throttle and managed to disconnect with the bike. I went across the gravel pretty fast and then I could rejoin, and then a few bikes passed so I didn't gain any advantage.“