Garrett Gerloff full of confidence before the new season

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Garrett Gerloff full of confidence before the new season

Garrett Gerloff had a great debut season after moving from MotoAmerica to WSBK. Although he was a debutant he had a couple of great races and showed that he can grow into a great driver. Now in the second season, he has already gained some experience and even better results are expected from him "One year ago, I came to Europe to the first time and I was coming to all these tracks for the first time," he said in an interview with the official World Superbike website, as quoted by cyclingnews "It takes time to have a relationship with the team.

Everything was just new, new, new constantly. Now he has strengthened mentally and that is what will give him an advantage. He looks ready and his self-confidence is at its peak. Now all he needs to do is start the season the right way "I feel a lot more planted, a lot more part of this World Superbike world, and closer to the action.

It’s been a big step for me mentally, I feel I’m in a really good place. That’s the biggest thing that has changed in the past year." "I wouldn’t have taken the risk to come here if I didn’t think I could do something, so that’s where all my pressure comes from, internally," the 25-year-old from Texas continued.

World champion Ever since he was little, Gerloff had a love for this sport, and he always dreamed of becoming a world champion. His arrival in Europe is a sign that he wants to achieve what he set out to do and seems to be maximally focused on it.

"I’ve always dreamed about being a world champion – I can and can’t imagine what it feels like to stand on the podium at the end of the year, to have your arms in the air, and to know you’re the best guy in the world at something.

"It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it, I’ve always wanted that since I started racing. I’m definitely motivated to try and make that happen." He is satisfied with the bike and that will be one of the main factors that will affect his results "The Yamaha R1 this year is a weapon; it feels really good right now," said Gerloff.

"I would say the only thing we could work on is getting more top speed out of the bike, but that seems like something super-small, because the rest of it feels amazing, like an extension of myself."

It is certain that Garrett Gerloff will leave an even better impression this season and could be dangerous for many riders in the Moto GP. It remains to be seen how far he has progressed and how much he will actually succeed