Francesco Bagnaia admits he was lucky at the French GP

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Francesco Bagnaia admits he was lucky at the French GP

Francesco Bagnaia had a great race at the French Grand Prix. At the beginning of the race, he had some problems and decided to change the bike, and it changed the course of the race. Bagnaia is aware that he was lucky and seems to be satisfied after the race is over.

Although it looked like GP could end up unsuccessfully for him, Bagnaia got away with it and eventually showed he had the pace he was missing “I had the luck to change the bike because the first one was not working very well,” he said, as quoted by motor sport “So, a bit of luck in this crazy race.

I’m happy because I finished fourth with these two long laps. “I just entered [into pitlane] 3km/h more than normal and it’s correct that they give me this penalty. “But my pace was really strong. On Friday I was telling my team that in any case I was preferring medium tyres and today this choice worked well because my pace in the end was very strong, I was recovering a lot of seconds to the leaders.

Last year, Bagnaia was not so great in wet conditions and he could not find a way to get out of such situations. However, now the things were different and not only is Bagnaia happy, but the entire team as well “We managed to do a good race, last year in the wet I was struggling more.

“So, I’m happy about that. We just need to check on the data what happened with the bike that I used all weekend on the dry because after the race I started struggling a lot with that bike. “So, we need to check the data for the next race.

“But we can be happy about today. I’m second in the championship and just one point behind Fabio”.


Danilo Petrucci finished the race in fifth place. After an unsuccessful last race, Petrucci has now managed to make up for what he lacked and has finally successfully finished his race.

Petrucci had a good rhythm throughout and it seems that they worked on certain shortcomings in the team It was Petrucci who initiated these changes, which seemed to be crucial “We certainly made a good reset on Friday, because the direction we had taken didn't work,” he said. “There was a meeting where I had my say on what could be improved and actually something changed immediately.