Johann Zarco believes he can win the title by the end of the season

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Johann Zarco believes he can win the title by the end of the season

Sunday’s 27-lap Le Mans was a success for Johann Zarco. After starting the race very badly, he finally managed to get out and finish in a fantastic second place "Bad start and also I had to avoid Franco who had some problems on the bike," Zarco said, as quoted by motorsport "So getting wide at the first corner and then going into the chicane, I really lost too many positions and after just a lap some rain is coming, no one was stopping.

"So, I stayed in the game and stayed with them, then the second lap much more rain and the first target was to bring the bike to the pitlane without any crashes. "I did it and then I got out on the wet tires in the fifth position, so it was OK, but a lot of rain and big wind.

"So, a few references on track were a bit different and my medium rear tire took three or four laps to get ready. "I think if I had to think about the victory, I would say I lost time in these four laps, too many seconds I lost there.

"But to be disappointed to miss the victory would be to think the wrong way, so pretty happy to be second because when the track got a bit more dry and the rear tire got more comfortable to use I was enjoying on the bike and it was nice to catch the guys.



Zarco is full of self-confidence and believes that he can reach the title, and the advantage he will have is the experience he has. He is satisfied with today's race and he is sure that he will do his best in the next races in order to achieve the desired goal.

For now, he has a good chance of succeeding. "It's perfect because when you lead the championship after the first two races in Qatar, you believe in your chance to fight for the title," he added. "I think I have enough experience, I can even have more experience on the Ducati because maybe a few things are missing to be very comfortable on the Ducati.

"But the bike is ready, the team is ready. I would say that I can be ready, just need to control always more and more the Ducati. "So, if this is coming fast enough during the season, I have a big chance for the title. So, to get 20 points today is so nice."