Kevin Schwantz believes Valentino Rossi can still come back

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Kevin Schwantz believes Valentino Rossi can still come back

Former Moto GP champion Kevin Schwantz talked for Autosport’s Tank Slappers Podcast where he was worried about Valentino Rossi having the worst season in 26 years since being at Moto GP. Schwantz, like everyone else, does not know the reasons for Rossi's bad performances, but he believes that the reason may be the changes in Yamaha that Rossi obviously cannot get used to.

Although there were indications in Qatar that Rossi might be the old one, he still drove badly in Portugal and Jerez again. "I'm concerned about the 46, I don't like seeing him race that far back." - Schwantz said, as quoted by motorsport "It seems like he qualified a little bit better in Qatar but then he really struggled in Portugal and Jerez and not making any great advances in the race like he used to.

"Maybe it's just his comfort level is not there with the bike, maybe there's something new that Yamaha's got that's made the factory Yamaha's bike better and maybe Rossi is last on the pecking order to get it.

"So, who knows? I'm sure the 46 still has some fight left in him."

Motivation and aging

Schwantz, like most, believes that Rossi does not have the same motivation as before, but that the reason for the disappearance of that motivation is precisely the poor performances at the beginning of the season.

It seemed that he could show what he knows in Jerez, given the experience he has, but it seems that Rossi is missing something, whether it is motivation, or he is simply losing quality with age, we still don't know. Schwantz was asked if he shared the opinion with the majority that Rossi was not happy on the track "No, and as a rider it's one of the most difficult things ever.

"I remember the first few races of 95, not qualifying great, finishing back in the field, not fighting for a podium or a win like I was used to. "As a rider it's really hard on you. Racing is fun because we all love winning and when the opportunity to win is not there, racing's really not that much fun anymore.

"So, I don't know what the answer is. "I would have thought maybe getting to Europe, maybe not so much Portugal as much as Jerez, getting to a track he knows, he's raced at and has won races at that maybe that was going to help him get back on his feet. "But it's definitely a struggle for him right now."