Valentino Rossi has the worst season of his career so far

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Valentino Rossi has the worst season of his career so far

Valentino Rossi has the worst season of his career so far. The results he recorded in Qatar and Jerez are not what he is used to. Still, it seems that Rossi has not fallen mentally, which is not surprising given his experience and self-confidence.

Rossi is aware of the problem but believes in himself and believes he must be positive and optimistic before the season continues “It was a difficult race on a difficult weekend, in which at no time did I have a rhythm,” Rossi said after the Spanish GP, as quoted by motorsport “It is a difficult moment, but the team, Petronas, is supporting me a lot.

“I have problems with the set-up and I am not going fast. You have to find a solution at a technical level. “We have to be optimistic and stay motivated”.


It seems that the main problem is the pace, which his team will have to improve urgently if they want to be competitive with other teams “We have desperate need to improve the pace, the feeling with the bike because we struggled a lot during the weekend,” he said.

“The feeling is not so bad. Rossi was much better in the post-race test at Jerez though and is happy to have been able to try out some new stuff on his bike. However, there are still many problems that will have to be solved “We finished the day with a good feeling, especially because I feel better on the bike and I’m able to ride in a better way and I improved my pace a lot.

We worked well with the team, mainly on the setting to improve braking. “Also Yamaha brought some new stuff that worked well, all which gave a small help to improve the feeling and the speed." "I don’t feel comfortable with the bike, with my riding I’m a bit in delay and also this creates problems in acceleration because a lot of time I have a problem with rear grip on exit, I’m not able to exit from the corner fast enough.

They’ve worked with David Munoz to help them progress, and they seem to be well on their way to that. “So, we worked a lot on the setting with David [Munoz], with front for settings, also weight distribution for [corner] entry in a faster way, for deeper and enter the corner with more speed. “This is the target and we improved”.