Alex Marquez believes that positivity can save the season

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Alex Marquez believes that positivity can save the season

Honda’s LCR Alex Marquez will have problems later in the season as he has already suffered 2 crashes so far, one in Qatar and one in Jerez Because of all this, he is in 18th place and the season does not look good for him, but still, Marquez believes in himself and believes that he must be positive and that the situation can change quickly from week to week.

“Well, it’s not really easy honestly,” he said, as quoted by motorsport “But it’s something that we need to accept and we need to be focused." “I believe that working with positivity is always working better, so for that reason, I’m always positive and I try to see positive things in negative things."

“So, it’s true that it was not our way, a good start. “But from one weekend to the next the situation can change a lot and we need to be there to keep focused, we need to keep working and then arrive to Le Mans 100% motivated and hope from there the situation will change a little bit and from FP1 we will feel a little bit better.

“So that’s it, we need to keep focused and with the team be a real team, [put] everything together and to see the positive things”.

Jerez race

The race in Jerez went badly. Marquez was optimistic before the race and looked very motivated, however, nothing happened as he expected.

He started the race well and looked like he could score well, but then luck turned his back on him. In the eighth turn, he felt the impact, but he is aware that such things happen in MotoGP and that he must keep going. “Not even one lap, so a disaster of a race,” he said.

“I started quite good and I was recovering some positions in the first corners. “I overtook Lecuona in Turn 6 and suddenly when I was in Turn 8 I was already in and I felt an impact on the inside. “It was him.

This is something that can sometimes happen in racing and we cannot control. “I’m sad and angry because it was also a hard crash honestly”. Alex Marquez will now try to save the season but will not have an easy task given all the accidents he has experienced during the season.

Still, Marquez has the quality and the knowledge and hopefully he won’t experience things like this again