Marquez did not have a “mental barrier” at the Jerez race

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Marquez did not have a “mental barrier” at the Jerez race

Honda Marc Marquez crashed in 2020 at the Spanish Grand Prix in Jerez. Now almost a year later he has returned to the same season and has shown that he is mentally strong when he has gone through the corners without undue fear “I checked the data today, especially after FP1 because after FP2 I didn’t have time,” Marquez began, as quoted by motorsport “But in FP1 in Turn 3 and Turn 4 I was the fastest guy in Honda, it’s left corners, it’s corners I love.

“Maybe on the first lap I passed there I was maybe a little bit [steady], but since that point I ride in a normal way and I was the fastest guy of Honda in that particular corner in FP1, in FP2 I didn’t check.

“But also, T1 [sector one] is my strongest at the moment, that corner is in T1. “So, there was no problem to ride on the mental side. You don’t need to be scared about the moment”.

Portugal race

Unlike the race in Portugal, Marquez felt much better this time “Today I was so concentrated from FP1 to FP2 how the evolution of my body was and in FP1 immediately I felt ok,” he added.

“Then immediately in FP2 I felt that something was changing, and in FP1 I was able to ride how I wanted with the elbow. "I was playing with the body, but then suddenly straight away in FP2 I go out and I felt something like I was not riding like always.

“And then just I did a few laps just riding to understand my position on my bike and immediately I feel a lack of power in the muscle, especially in the triceps, the shoulder on the back, lack of power and the position of the elbow was not the same [as in FP1].

It will take time for the muscles to get used to it, but he says his approach in Spain was much different “It’s just a matter of time of getting used to the muscle, but when I want to use [it], I can use; when I want to push I can push.

“But today my approach was totally different to Portimao. “In Portimao I started Friday and then I give, not everything, but I pushed all the laps and I was riding good and today I felt okay. "But just I was riding, pushing a few laps, not pushing on the new tyre because you stress more the physical condition”.