Rossi: “I did many things first, which have become a lesson for many riders"

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Rossi: “I did many things first, which have become a lesson for many riders"

Rarely has anyone not heard of Valentino Rossi. Rossi is an icon of Moto GP and when you mention Moto GP it is as if you said his name. Rossi made his debut back in 1996 when, as a 17-year-old, he decided to try this sport.

After that, he achieved countless successes and good results, which, if enumerated, would take a long time "I was the first modern MotoGP rider,” Rossi said, as quoted by motorsport “I did many things first, which have become a lesson for many riders today.

To the vast majority of today's drivers, Rossi has remained a role model and someone to look at. “I started very young, but when I was 20 I was already in the 500cc [class] and my path was followed by everybody.

“There are some things I did that everyone looked at”. This season, he is not recording such good results, but he still does not give up on the sport, which is his first love, and his motivation for racing.

Adrenaline addiction

It seems that what drives him the most is the adrenaline addiction which is surely the reason why he is such a great athlete “My reasoning is very simple and it makes me strange that some people don't understand it, maybe my way of thinking is different.

“I like the way I feel, the sensation, the adrenaline that comes from winning, getting on the podium or just having a good race. “I'm fine for a few days. I like that feeling there. “I know very well that in the end time will win, unfortunately for everybody it's like that, but I try with all my strength to make it as difficult as possible, that's it.

“And that's the only reason I'm still racing”. Rossi has had many good seasons and has really dominated many races, but as he says, his three most successful seasons are; Season 2001, 2004 and 2008 "2001, because it was the last 500cc world championship and therefore the last chance to make it: a battle to the death with Biaggi, wonderful,” he said when asked about his best seasons.

“Then 2004, the victory on the debut at Welkom with Yamaha. Sportingly the most beautiful. “And 2008: for many people I was already finished, [I was] old. But when I switched to Bridgestones, I beat [Casey] Stoner”.

It is really a pleasure to watch experienced athletes who still have that love for sports, and that is exactly what makes every sport so beautiful.