Pol Espargaro believes that experience is what he lacks

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Pol Espargaro believes that experience is what he lacks

Paul Espargaro is not recording as good results this season as in the qualifiers. In the last race, there was a rear brake failure which means that Espargaro has problems with the bike. However, Espargaro believes that this is not the main reason for bad driving, but that he is a driver who lacks experience.

“Well, this kind of bike – also the KTM – are bikes where you make up most of the time on the brakes, entering fast, stopping the bike, turning and go,” Espargaro explained, as quoted by motorsport “Then you need to be strong on the brakes, but if you don’t know where to brake then this is a problem.

“So, if you don’t know where exactly the limit is of the front, this is a problem because then you can’t take the best performance of grip. “So, at the moment it feels like in other sectors I am ok.

In T1 [at Portimao], I was fastest in my qualifying session, so I’m able to be fast.


Espargaro is aware that he makes many mistakes, but that it is necessary to have patience in these moments and to gain experience “But I do not match all the sectors on the lap because as on the brakes is where you gain time, I go wide too many times and I make too many mistakes on there.

“This is a problem because if you are not fast and you cannot put everything together, in this tight qualifying, one, two tenths is enough to be first or fourth or fifth. “It’s just a matter of making more laps, knowing the situation a little bit more, going to places I know more about the braking points.

“Then I think it’s going to be much easier for me to understand the situation and especially to match all the sectors on one lap. “So just we need to be patient and it will come because we have the speed.

I need to put it together”. Alex Marquez, LCR driver is happy with the return of Marc Marquez who can show a lot to young drivers “I’m on track but looks like I’m at home,” he said when asked if it was strange to have his brother back in the paddock after his season out.

“So, it’s better to have him back, also for Honda. “He’s putting the bike to its limit, he’s showing to us the limit of the bike again. So, this is good for us”.