Miguel Oliveira believes that KTM can overcome bad results

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Miguel Oliveira believes that KTM can overcome bad results

KTM did not start this season well. The team is not recording good results, but Miguel Oliveira thinks they have to work on the front end It seems that the biggest reason for their fall is the new tires “I definitely feel like we need something on the front, for sure,” he said, as quoted by motorsport “I do feel like there’s something there we could improve.

It’s clear the first three races have not been what we wanted, for sure, it’s been super-tough for us. “But I think the important thing is to keep really working at it and I think we will get it right. Oliveira believes that it is still too early to panic and that his team can soon understand what the problem is and thus correct the mistakes they made.

Oliveira is optimistic

Oliveira is optimistic about the future of his team “The amount of brain power we have here in KTM is huge and I’m sure they’ll figure it out. I hope sooner than later, but we’re not in a terrible place anyway”.

He says that now they have to be careful and focused because of the problems with the front part, and that it is not easy at all to brake in such a situation. “We really struggle a little bit with the softer compound but we’ve done a bit of work on the bike to help ourselves out and I think we made a small step for that,” he added.

“But the problem is we need to be very, very cautious on the front; you can’t brake super-hard and throw it in because it does just disappear on you. “It’s a difficult situation at the moment but we’re working hard to try and adapt our bike to make it work.

He also revealed how his team played with the front, but he believes that they have the necessary speed and that they will successfully get out of this. “For race pace we’ve definitely found something, but we just need to try and make a step for that one-lap pace.

“We did play with the front-end a little bit. Nothing too crazy to be honest, just try to make it a bit stable for us. “That’s about the only change we’ve made, it’s very close to what we’ve been using.

It’s just more accepting what we have and trying to work with it”. KTM will now shift all focus to the front and try to correct previous mistakes