Marc Marquez still does not know the date of his return

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Marc Marquez still does not know the date of his return

Marc Marquez after suffering an accident in Spain last year had to wait a while to recover. After that period passed, Marquez came back again and took part in the race in Portugal last week. However, he had problems in that race as well and it looks like he will have to wait to be fully recovered.

The driver doesn't seem to know when he might return “Honestly speaking I don’t know, because it depends on the circuit, if it’s really physical track or not,” he said when asked when he expected to be back to full fitness, as quoted by motorsport “For example, the last seven laps [in Portugal] I was not even able to use the elbow to touch the ground."

“I was riding in a really strange riding style and I was not able to do anything." Marquez talked to the doctors and received some advice on what to do to speed up his recovery.

Home training

It seems that Marquez will have to focus on home training, but with little weight so that the injury does not progress further.

“Another important point that we already speak with the doctors before this race, and the comeback to the competition means the training at home has to be less. “So, that means now from race to race I will not ride any bike, I will just train at the gym three, four days maximum and with not a lot of weight [training] because the bone is ok, but the stress that we can put on the bone must be progressive.

Marquez is also aware that he will need time to return to the racetrack, but he seems to have patience and has understood the seriousness of the situation and how an inadequate approach can further affect the injury. “It cannot be every day and every week.

So, this is another reason that will of course means it will take time to come back in a good physical condition. “But I must follow the advice from the doctors because they give to me the opportunity a MotoGP bike. “So, now I will just ride a bike race by race, and then after the next check, we’ll see how the bone is and if we can do a little bit more.

“But the next check will be after Jerez”. Marquez will now rest and hope for the best: get back on track as soon as possible. We hope to see him as soon as possible