Jack Miller is trying to dig his way out

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Jack Miller is trying to dig his way out

Jack Miller has started the new season badly. Miller, who had high expectations from this season and which he entered confidently, unfortunately, does not record such good results. He made a big mistake in Portugal when he tried to fight for the first place with Espargaro.

However, he failed. Espargaro eventually finished first, and Miller tried to figure out what had happened. However, he believes that he will return stronger and that he will be able to get out of everything as he has so far.

"We're in the trenches at the minute, I'm trying to dig my way out," Miller said, as quoted by motosport "We've got the speed, we've got the pace. I know that. We've just got to put it all together.

"It's just one of those things, I'm really disappointed for myself, for the team. I really thank them because they've been mega through all this. "I'm just trying to do better by them. It's not easy, we all want to be winning, we all want to be on top but it's the reality it's not always like this.

"But I've been in worse positions in my career and dug my way out. We're in the trenches, but I'm very lucky with the support I have. "We are working hard, I'm working hard, doing everything I can in my power to be better.

It will come, it's not all for nothing. We're only three races in but the tables will turn."

Miller explained his mistake

Miller is aware of the mistake he made and explained what led to the crash. Still, we believe Miller will come out stronger from this and show why he is such a good driver.

"I was right at the peak point in the pressure. "You always get like a spike in then it levels off, and it was right at that point. "Aleix braked semi-early, all weekend I've been one of the later ones there [at Turn 3] and I just misread it.

"I had to use a little extra pressure I guess and tucked it. Completely my fault, just a really silly mistake, costly mistake. I was just settling into the race. "I made a small mistake earlier which allowed Aleix through at Turn 1.

"I had [Joan] Mir in front and I just had too much closing speed on him and I had to go wider than I wanted to."