Johann Zarco had an accident due to a gearbox problem

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Johann Zarco had an accident due to a gearbox problem

The last week of the Portuguese GP did not go well for Johann Zarco. Although he started the race well and was quite good at the start. Yet later there was an accident for him. Due to a gearbox problem, Zarco crashed and lost the lead.

Certainly Zarco was disappointed after that, especially since he felt he had made the mistake that led to it, not knowing that the biggest culprit was the gearbox problem. “A bit disappointed for sure,” Zarco said, having slid 21 points back to fourth in the standings, as quoted by motorsport However, after analysis, they discovered the main reason why Zarco crashed “I thought I did a little mistake, I thought that way when I crashed.

I thought I did a mistake on the shift down. “But we analysed, I had a little issue with the gearbox in that moment. “So that’s why I didn’t get the good gear in that moment, and in that area of the braking it was critical.

“So, this helps me to be not too disappointed and helps me to understand better why I had this crash.


In addition to the problem with the gearbox, Zarco felt that he also had a problem with the front tire, which bothered him a lot during the race, and therefore he could not show his full potential.

“Second thing also, the front tyre was not too nice. It was not perfect and that’s why maybe keeping the pace under the 1m40s for me was difficult. “So, when Pecco [Bagnaia] overtook me I was kind of happy to think I would get some air and get more control, because I did many laps in front of [Joan] Mir trying to catch Fabio.

“I thought pushing to catch Fabio I could build a gap to the guys behind and I was pushing a lot”. “No, I didn’t get neutral." Zarco explained further what the problem was “Instead of second gear I got first gear, and braking with leaning I got a bit more engine braking and also because the front tyre was not nice on the right side it didn’t support this deceleration.

“That’s why immediately I was down”. Also, his colleague Jorge Martin suffered an injury, only his injury is much more serious, and he would have to go for surgery. Still, he'll have to wait a while for surgery.

Looks like their team is out of luck. Still, we wish him a speedy recovery and a return to the track as soon as possible