Jack Miller: "We won’t really know if the surgery was a massive success"

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Jack Miller: "We won’t really know if the surgery was a massive success"

Jack Miller is back on the racetracks after surgery. He still doesn't know how well the surgery went, and whether it will have any consequences during the race. Still, he doesn't seem to have a problem with his hand for now, but again he is cautious and thinks he needs time to find out.

“I feel good, the arm is feeling good already even after the surgery pretty much directly,” Miller said on Friday after finishing practice fifth overall, as quoted by motorsport “I was able to do all the training I needed to do during the week.

“You never know until you get on the bike, but it feels really good, I feel powerful in my hand and there’s no ill-effects from that. “I think I’m at 100%. But like I said in the lead up, we won’t really know if the surgery was a massive success, I don’t think, until we get to Jerez where it’s more right-handers.

“It’s the fast right-handers where I seem to struggle, but I’m happy to be here, happy to be healthy and you ride around this track with a massive smile on your face every time. It just feels mega to be here”.


Marc Marquez, who is a six-time champion, also returned to practice in Portugal. Everyone seems to be happy after seeing Marquez, who is one of the icons of this sport. Miller is also happy to have seen Marquez and is aware of how much love Marquez has for this sport.

“We all know how extremely talented this guy is and the things he does on a motorcycle, you watch the session and you see him do some things and you think ‘how did he pull that off?’,” he said of Marquez.

“Even today, and I think he was riding with some margin today. “For me it made me smile watching him smile in the garage, because you know how much this sport means to him and it means to all of us. It’s the thing we love and if you can’t do it for nine months, that would be not an easy thing.

“To see him back out there doing the thing he loves and the thing he’s best at is fantastic for all of us and I think it will elevate all of our levels”. We will definitely follow Miller later in the season and it remains to be seen what Miller will be like after the surgery and whether he can be at the top of the standings.