Ciabatti: "We are happy because Johann was a gamble by Ducati"

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Ciabatti: "We are happy because Johann was a gamble by Ducati"

Johann Zarco at one point thought he should go to Moto2. Still, Ducati wanted to help him in such a situation and they had faith in him (which ultimately paid off for them), so Zarco signed a contract with them. After signing a contract with them Zarco became fantastic.

He is currently the leader in the standings and is recording great results, and it looks like he could have the same rhythm throughout the season "We are happy because Johann was a gamble by Ducati when nobody was considering him," Ciabatti told Spanish language

"I think he will be a protagonist throughout the championship. "Johann was convinced by us to stay in MotoGP at the end of 2019, because we thought he was a talented rider. "After a very complicated year with KTM, nobody trusted him to the extent he wanted to go back to Moto2.

"With the help of Ducati he built up a confidence with the bike over the course of 2020 that has led him to merit a move to Pramac, with bikes identical to the factory team. "Now he is proving to be the rider we thought he was."


At Ducati, they have huge confidence in Zarco and believe he can fight for the title by the end of the season Ciabatti added: "Because of the resources we inject there, Pramac is a factory team with another sponsor.

"And in that sense, Johann is earning that Ducati sees him as an equally valid option in the title fight as Jack [Miller] and Pecco [Bagnaia]." Pramac rookie Jorge Martin is also great and looks like a huge talent.

No one doubts that this guy will have a great career. However, the Pramac team is still cautious because they believe that Martin still has a lot to show and that we should wait a bit and not put a lot of pressure on him.

"What he has to do is to continue like this, as he has done so far," Ciabatti added. "Now we have to see what happens on circuits where he hasn't ridden the Ducati before, and where he will only have two days to get used to them.

"The last race in Qatar was very special because all the riders had been riding there for many days, and that is something that helps the rookies. "It will be now, on tracks that are new to him, where we will see his maturity and ability to adapt."