Petrucci thinks he is too big for KTM MotoGP bike

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Petrucci thinks he is too big for KTM MotoGP bike

Double MotoGP race winner Danilo Petrucci has not had such good results lately, and he did not achieve the goal he had. The biggest problem is its size. Due to his size, Petrucci had problems with his KTM and could not achieve what he wanted.

Now it is the turn of his team who will have to change something either now or in the near future “I felt really, really good and we saw something better in practice,” Petrucci said after the Doha race, as quoted by motorsport “But the fact was the first lap, I cannot really stay with the top guys because everybody passed me because I notice on acceleration since [warm-up] that we lose too much.

“Every acceleration, a rider gets in front of me. “Braking is good, but this means I always enter into a corner with too much speed and since lap three the tyre is really hot. We have to work on this. “For sure we went with an extreme set-up for KTM for my size, and maybe my size is too big for the bike because I was looking at some photos and I am really… let’s say, it seems like [I am riding] a Moto3 [bike].

“For a few laps it’s ok, but compared to the other riders especially when they have a slipstream I can’t even stay in the slipstream and this is a problem for the race, especially when we have a long straight like in this track”.


Petrucci is happy with his team's progress, but he is not happy with personal results that are not what he expected. Although at the beginning of the race he looks promising and it looks like Petrucci could achieve a good result after that Petrucci loses the rhythm and a particularly big problem was given to him by tire temperature, which is why he could not show what he can do.

"I’m happy about the progress we made, but I’m absolutely sad about the results,” he added. “I was expecting more for sure. “On a few laps I’m ok, but really from the third lap I started to fight with the bike, especially with the tyre temperature.

“I like the bike a lot and I can be fast, because in some sessions I was fast. But on the pace, it was difficult, I didn’t expect that”. A new race awaits him soon and we will see how Petrucci will cope with the new task. Maybe just bad results are a good lesson for him