Keselowski: “I feel like we came out of the gate really strong at Daytona"

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Keselowski: “I feel like we came out of the gate really strong at Daytona"

Brad Keselowski is currently in solid form. He is fifth overall, with a couple of great races “I feel like we came out of the gate really strong at Daytona. We were in position to win. We had a good run at Vegas, not quite as strong as we wanted to be at Phoenix, but still solid, so we’re knocking around the door,” he said, as quoted by motorsport “Atlanta was disappointing, but outside of Atlanta I wouldn’t say we’ve had any bad races, so I think there are some things to build off of and learn from, but we’re right there knocking on the door, so I’m encouraged and fairly optimistic.

“We’ve got three of our best tracks right in front of us, arguably five of our best tracks right in front of us and I feel really strong and optimistic”.


Keselowski expects five races in which he excelled in previous years and where he took victories “When we got out of Bristol, I left with a smile on my face knowing that we had Martinsville, we had Richmond – those are two of my best race tracks,” he said.

“At Martinsville we’ve been just so solid the last few times, and then Richmond was kind of a dominant race for us last fall. “I was super disappointed that Richmond in the spring got cancelled (last year) because of COVID because I thought we would be really good, but I’m looking forward to going back and hopeful to have the same success we had last fall.

“It’s certainly a track that I’ve had circled. Jeremy Bullins, my crew chief, and the whole team did such a great job preparing the car for that race track, so hopefully we can repeat”. Keselowski is happy with his teammates, and believes they can achieve positive results “I think all of us have been in position to win races.

I think Joey was really impressive at Bristol. He ran a great race. I’m not sure he had the fastest car, but he made really strong moves. That was pretty impressive to see,” Keselowski said. “Blaney was incredibly strong at Atlanta and made great moves again to win that, but had a strong car as well.

Those are good things to see. “Certainly I don’t think we’re by any means the fastest car week-in and week-out, but collectively our group seems to be right in that top-five area and able to strike when the moment comes up”.