Francesco Bagnaia believes he needs to improve

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Francesco Bagnaia believes he needs to improve

Francesco Bagnaia did not have the race he expected, and he is aware that he could have done much more. The biggest reason for the bad result is the problem with the bike and his personal mistakes which he considers he must correct “I just struggled more because I was starting sixth, but my start device didn’t work well."

-Bagnai said, as quoted by motorsport “I wasn’t able to put it in, so I started bad and I was in 12th position I think on the first lap and then I started to recover." “My pace was really, really strong, so I think I was able to manage a great, great pace and I recovered a lot of positions."

“But this confidence with the bike also made me make an error in Turn 1." “So, I have to learn, I have to improve on the tyre because in a factory team this kind of error is unacceptable. Without this error, for sure I was fighting for the top position."

"Today I didn’t struggle more than the Pramacs I think. It’s just the result is not in the same line as my riding style I think”.

Jack Miller

Jack Miller, who finished in ninth place, also had problems.

Miller is also not happy with his race and he certainly could have done more in this race. This is the second time he has finished the race in 9th place, but the biggest problem today was in the last 4 laps when there was a problem with the bike “I stopped being able to sort of hang off the side and open the throttle, I couldn't really turn the throttle that well, so I had to sort of sit on top of the bike a little bit more, so not ideal,” he said.

“Most likely, we'll try and get something sorted if we're going to do it [surgery], it needs to be done ASAP so we actually have a quick turnaround. “But yeah, I don't want to have another race like that, I mean I felt fantastic right up until the last four laps and then I couldn't really feel the front brake lever any more.

“It's something that normally I get maybe in the beginning of the season and then sort of works its way out as you know once testing is done and everything like that, but the way I think everything's going we don't have time”.