Johann Zarco doesn't think his great results are 'redemption'

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Johann Zarco doesn't think his great results are 'redemption'

Johann Zarco is currently the leader in the MotoGP standings. But it didn’t all look so fabulous for Zarco a couple of years ago. After signing the contract with KTM, Zarco expected that it would be a great move. However, he did not stay long in the team and requested the termination of the contract.

He has been promoted to factory status in 2021 and looks set to return to his true form. In an interview with motorsport, he answered their question: Does he consider this as a redemption? “The first two races I had a lot of fun and it’s such a nice feeling to control it.

So, I don’t think – and it’s not the time to think – about redemption." “You just live your time and right now it’s this moment with Pramac and Ducati, and what I decided two years ago is done."

“So, I’m happy. I cannot say if I took the right decision or not. I took a decision in my way and thanks to Ducati I’m here." - Zarco said, as quoted by motorsport Zarco thinks he could have done more in Sunday’s race because he wanted to overtake Fabio Quartararo.

Yet Zarco is pleased with his teammate Jorge Martin and he is also happy with the engine. Positivity is felt in Zarco, as shown by his results

Zarco is happy

“With Jorge leading the race I expected to have a slower pace than last week because he’s a rookie and maybe he will get some stress, and finally we went faster because after half race compared to Pecco [Bagnaia] he was keeping the pace in 1m55s,” he said.

“I was happy because I was feeling good behind him and every time someone was overtaking me, thanks to the engine I was able to get second again. “For me, this was the perfect race as last week to have this control, [to] keep this energy to fight at the end of the race, maybe for victory.

“I was able to think more about the victory because when Fabio came with four laps to go, I was feeling pretty good and I think the tyres were not so bad to have the chance of victory. “But when he overtook Jorge he opened up a gap immediately. “I wanted to overtake also, but Jorge was going a bit too fast and it was difficult to overtake him”.