Morbidelli: "I’m going to have to wing it in Doha"

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Morbidelli: "I’m going to have to wing it in Doha"

Morbidelli did not have a very good experience in the Qatar Season Opener, after the problem he had with Yamaha. Morbidelli seems to be very disappointed with the problems they have, and it seems very depressing not to know the reason why this is happening.

“The feeling is bad and it remains averagely bad, no matter what we do,” he said. "What changes is the speed. Sometimes I feel a bit better, sometimes I feel a bit faster. "-Morbidelli said, as quoted by motorsport "But then this feeling can go away from a run to another.

So nothing is certain and nothing is clear. We don’t know where to point. “What I know is the feeling on the bike is not good and it’s difficult. But never surrender”. Morbidelli will have to find a solution and will have to adapt to the problems that have arisen.

It will certainly not be easy for him, and he is now under pressure because of what happened, but Morbidelli will have to experiment and adapt, if he wants to achieve a good result. In a conversation with motorsport, Morbidelli revealed the way he will race on Saturday "I’m going to have to wing it."

“I’m going to have to see how the speed is in the race. I’m really going to have to wing it if we don’t find a magical solution. “We’re really going to have to wing it to see how the feeling is going to be like, what the speed is going to be like and react according to what I feel.

“That’s the only thing I can do. I’m not a crazy rider, so I will try to not make crazy stuff”.

Maverick Vinales

Maverick Vinales achieved a great result for Yamaha, and although at first, he did not feel that he could achieve a good result, in the end, he still achieved what he imagined, and showed everyone how good a driver he is "Honestly the front row was very difficult because I didn’t have a really good feeling on the first time attack.

“But as soon as I did the second time attack, I understood that the bike was working well and I could push the bike in the correct way. “We were able to make an incredible lap time and when I saw the lap time, I thought maybe I had the pole. But then I saw myself third”.