MotoGP rookie Luca Marini was not pleased after the race

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MotoGP rookie Luca Marini was not pleased after the race

MotoGP rookie Luca Marini is not happy with the race on his debut at the Qatar Grand Prix. He thinks he could have done a lot more, and he thinks the grip was much different than the one in practice “Sincerely, it’s bad, I’m not happy about my race, but not about the position – the pace in particular, because I expected to be much faster,” he said, as quoted by motorsport “But I struggled a lot, especially I feel the grip was a little bit different compared to all the other practices and was not easy for me to stop the bike in the last phase of entry, and also in the middle of the corner I was not able to do corner speed.

“So, I was slow in all the corners in the circuit, it was not one place in particular”. Luca Marini is the maternal half-brother of Valentino Rossi. Asked what it was like to share a grid with his brother, he replied: “Sincerely, when I was on the grid I didn’t think about this, just I was focused on my race."

“I nearly forgot that he was also on the same grid at the same moment, and I didn’t think about this." “But it was a very big emotion to stay there for the first time to see the MotoGP class, it’s fantastic”.

Enea Bastianin believes he learned a lot

Marini's colleague Enea Bastianin, despite a bad start, managed to achieve a good result “I learned a lot because my start was so slow, and the first three laps were a disaster for me with the new tire,” Bastianini said.

“It was difficult, but after these three laps, I did some good lap times, and step by step I arrive in 10th position. “After that, I tried to push more but the last six laps my arms were so tired and it was impossible to arrive in the seventh position”.

Another rookie, Jorge Martin, is happy with his race and thinks he can be satisfied after finishing 15th "I knew I was going to go well because I was doing very good starts in practice compared to the other Ducati riders,” Martin explained.

“I knew I could pass three or four, but not 12. “At the beginning I was comfortable, but it's not my position and it took its toll on me, I think in the end finishing 15th and scoring a point is not a bad result. “But I think the real position today is 12th and I'm happy with my work and the way I rode”.