Casey Stoner drew a parallel between his decision to retire and Marc Marquez's future

"It’s important for him to get that enjoyment back."- Stoner said.

by Sead Dedovic
Casey Stoner drew a parallel between his decision to retire and Marc Marquez's future
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Casey Stoner surprised many with his retirement in 2012 when he was only 27 years old. Among Moto GP fans there was, and among some still is, the fear that Marc Marquez will end his career. In an interview with the media, Stoner confirmed that Marquez must now find the motivation to continue being part of the Moto GP scene.

“If you’re not enjoying it, why are you risking it all?

If Marc enjoys his racing, he’s not going to want to risk it all for nothing.

It’s important for him to get that enjoyment back. Find a reason to get up in the morning, train your butt off, put yourself through these injuries, drag yourself back."- he said, as quoted by!

Stoner emphasized that many do not see what individuals go through in Moto GP. Then when you have problems with results and injuries, it is very difficult to stay motivated and focused.

“People see it from the outside. But it’s very difficult when everything is against you, your body doesn’t want to do things, but you force it. It takes a toll.”

Casey Stoner

When Stoner chose to stop racing, he thought a lot about it. People race for different reasons, but Stoner loved MotoGP and wanted to achieve big things. But at some point, he didn't feel as excited about it anymore.

If you’re going to risk everything, to lay everything on the line, you’ve got to do it for a reason.

Some people find it’s money. Or for whatever reason they do it, for a result.

For me, I just loved riding bikes. Racing was a part of it. I got to race, it was fantastic."

He eventually noticed that MotoGP was heading in a direction he didn't agree with, and he felt he didn't want to be involved in that path anymore.

“I loved riding bikes the most, I loved eking everything that I could out of a bike. I was very self-critical.

When these bikes became too much electronics, too much wheelie-control, the enjoyment disappeared.

The series became political.”

Marc Marquez