Valentino Rossi's best friend about the struggle and criticism from the media

"I was annoyed that many people said: 'parasite'"

by Sead Dedovic
Valentino Rossi's best friend about the struggle and criticism from the media
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Uccio Salucci is a person we are used to seeing next to Valentino Rossi. Although their relationship has always been great, it seems that Uccio had a problem in certain moments accepting criticism, which was a lot. Speaking to Sky Sports, Salucci reflected on the difficulties he had when he was criticized.

However, in one part of his career, he realized that such criticisms have no basis.

"If I think about it now, I have to say that I was 19 years old at the time and people who were older than me annoyed me. I didn't take it well, it bothered me.

But then as I grew up, already at 23-24 years old I asked myself if I was doing something wrong. I replied to myself that instead I was only honestly doing my part for Vale and for this sport. So I was able to think with my head and I continued to do my job, driving Vale's motorhome, keeping everything in place for him, helping him with appointments at the track and at home, also giving him some advice.

I had fun. Since I was with Valentino I became more famous. I was annoyed that many people said: 'parasite' but the others were the assistant. Why couldn't I be one too? No, I was a..."-Salucci said, as quoted by!

Uccio Salucci on Valentino Rossi

Salucci is aware that he was lucky to be Valentino Rossi's assistant. On the other hand, he emphasized that he always gave his best and did not make mistakes. Rossi appreciated what Salucci was doing for him.

Uccio is a person who has a great love for motorsport, and being Valentino Rossi's assistant is a great achievement.

"I've always understood that I'm a lucky person from an early age, as a boy, and this has been one of my strong points.

However, if once I got to the races I hadn't worked well, hadn't done things as I should, I would have been stayed home immediately. If when Vale arrived he had found the motorhome dirty and with things not in their place, or I had thrown it into a ditch, I wouldn't have stayed.

Like the others, in short. In the end I always had fun and we did good for Vale and this sport. And then it must be said that we have given work to a lot of people. I was the first employee, now there are almost 100 of us, actually 98 or 99, I think”.

Valentino Rossi