Alex Marquez felt sidelined by Honda, causing significant anger and frustration


Alex Marquez felt sidelined by Honda, causing significant anger and frustration
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During an interview, Alex Marquez opened up about feeling considerable frustration towards the Honda leaders in the 2021 season. Starting his MotoGP career alongside his brother hinted at potential success within the Honda team.

However, complications arose, particularly with Marc's injury, which further complicated matters for Alex, as he had anticipated Marc to be a great mentor for him.

“When he got injured it was complicated, because I imagined that by being with my brother in the garage I could learn and make giant strides.

Especially when I already knew that the following year I would be in LCR and not in Repsol. It was all uphill there. A year as a rookie that I was supposed to enjoy collapsed on me. ”- Alex Marquez said, as quoted by!

Pol Espargaro

Afterward, Alex Marquez was replaced by Pol Espargaro, which increased his frustration. He expressed anger, feeling neglected after everything that happened, sensing a lack of attention toward his situation while the focus shifted to other things.

“In 2021 they put me in the background a bit and this affected me a lot, it made me so angry. All the engineers' attention had shifted to Pol, it was something that I didn't understand well and that was difficult to accept.

History could have been different, but it cannot be changed”.

Marc Marquez and Alex Marquez will be teammates in Gresini Racing in 2024. Alex recently revealed whether Marc asked him for advice when he decided to leave Honda and start a new chapter in his career.

He is happy to have his brother as a teammate and expects big things in the next season.

"I'm not going to say he didn't ask my opinion, but I gave him my opinion as a brother, not as a Gresini Ducati rider. Because I know what he has been through since 2020 and he is suffering quite a lot at the moment with the situation at Honda.

It's time for him to make a change. It's his decision and for me it's positive because I get a very fast teammate - an eight-time world champion - and I can learn a lot from that."

Alex Marquez