Marc Marquez already on track after the surgery!

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Marc Marquez already on track after the surgery!

Incredible but true: Marc Marquez can take to the track in Jerez with his Honda. In order not to stress the arm he has just undergone, Marc will miss the first two rounds of official tests on Friday and decide whether or not to participate in the GP on Sunday after Saturday's sensations and times.

So the bad fall of four days ago in the race and the intervention of two days ago for the fracture of the humerus in the right arm do not stop Marc the Martian, at least they do not prevent him from going out on the track and trying.

Forcing? We are faced with exceptional athletes, operated and treated by exceptional doctors, supported by surgery and exceptional therapies and medicines. Today we fall more but we do less harm, in the past we fell less but getting very bad was on the agenda.

The list of great athletes in every sport and in particular in motorsport (do you remember Nicky Lauda?) With miraculous recoveries is long and covers every age. All or almost all the participants of the 2020 MotoGP are protagonists, starting with Marquez himself, before the latter event.

Among the many records, Marquez also has that of saved and unsaved falls, with blows, grazes, fractures, including that of the fibula in the right leg in February 2014 after a fall in a dirt-track training session in Lleida, near of Barcelona.

At other times the terrible Cervera boy raced in impaired physical conditions, such as November 3, 2019 after the violent high-side in the MotoGP qualifying session of the day before in Sepang. In that case Marc started with three intra-articular infiltrations to the shoulder, elbow, ankle, clenching his teeth, finishing second behind Vinales.

Tomorrow in Jerez also other excellent injured players want to be there: Crutchlow, Rins, Dovizioso, just to mention some of the MotoGP.

It is not possible to list the pilots victims of falls with amazing recoveries, but...

It is not possible to list the pilots victims of falls with "miraculous" recoveries, however unthinkable for ordinary mortals (think of the story of the amputee finger of Troy Bayliss; or Loris Capirossi who launched the bike against the barriers in 1994 at Laguna Seca for the too much pain after breaking his arm in Brno and having taken the same track in America, with chalk and an iron bar on the handlebar to accelerate; or even with the multiple falls.

Among the many who fell in trial and then the next day or a few days later in the race we remember three champions of motorcycling from "The Days of Courage" in different eras: Virginio Ferrari, Phil Read, Silvio Grassetti and the motorcycle champion of the heroes : Tazio Nuvolari.

Imola, 13 May 1979, 500 class world championship with Virginio Ferrari (Suzuki), second behind Kenny Roberts (Yamaha) after a terrifying crash at full speed at Tamburello during Saturday's qualifying. Virginio flew away at over 280 km / h!

And even the first responders feared for his life. Then the miracle, the great recovery in a few hours, the doubts as to whether or not to get him started, the unwavering will of the Milanese runner to be there and finally the race-show to be framed with the crowd that invades the Santerno track to bring Virginio, all dented, in triumph.