Ducati sporting director Paolo Ciabatti on Marc Marquez and headaches


Ducati sporting director Paolo Ciabatti on Marc Marquez and headaches
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Marc Marquez is a rider who is ready to start a new chapter in Ducati in the best possible way. Ducati's sporting director, Paolo Ciabatti, recognizes the importance of having Marquez on their team. Nevertheless, Ducati is a bit concerned about having several other talented drivers besides the Spaniard.

“We need to show that we’re able to manage,” Ciabatti told MotoGP.com, quoted by crash.net! “In the recent past, we showed that somehow we can manage complex situations and the rivalry between the two teams - between Lenovo and Pramac.

Let’s not forget that we have seven Ducati Corse people working at Pramac, five people working at Gresini, three with VR46. All the riders can share data. It’s something that Ducati thinks it can handle. It will be interesting, probably some additional headaches to manage in the season."
Ducati is an experienced team that knows how to balance things.

They are planning the same this time. They will do their best to plan things in the best possible way. “Ducati will have to manage the situation in the best possible way. On the sporting side, we are always fair. Some people say ‘team orders!’.

but Di Giannantonio won in Qatar because he deserved to win, and so many other situations. This is our policy, our strategy, our philosophy. We will try to manage it in the best possible way”. - he continued.


Bastianini was one of the topics.

He was mentioned as someone who could lose the seat to Martin. Ciabatti commented on the whole situation;
“He moved from Gresini team to the factory team which is the target for any rider. Let’s not forget his crew chief decided to go to KTM so he needed to find chemistry with Marco Rigamonti.

The crash in Portugal had really serious consequences. The collarbone had to be fixed with surgery and the fracture of the shoulder needed time to heal. There is also the muscle which must be regained, and track time. He was missing track time to understand the bike which is different to the bike he was riding last year.

Also, to adapt to different working environments. We started to see light at the end of the tunnel - then he crashed in Barcelona. Very, very unfortunate. Enea is one of the fastest riders, he proved it last year, and he can show his true potential next season”.

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