Marc Marquez on the biggest mistake of his career


Marc Marquez on the biggest mistake of his career
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Marc Marquez has achieved a lot in his career in a short period of time. However, his performances have not been inspiring for a long time. Precisely because of this, Marquez realized that he had to make changes and change the team.

In an interview with the media, he revealed the worst moment during his career at Honda. “The worst moment I will say was 2020, when I came back. That was the biggest mistake of my career and of that long era with Honda,” Marquez said, as quoted by!

Marquez revealed what goals he has for the next season. At the moment, he does not aim to win the championship, because he is aware of what it requires. “The only goal for next year is to enjoy it again, to continue with my career,” he said.

“This is the only goal because the situation I'm in now, I can 'survive' half year, one year more [without enjoyment]. But not longer. So this is the main goal. I cannot think about winning the championship because in the last two years, I didn't win a race!

So we are far from that”.

Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez did not want to talk much about his debut at Ducati. He is still a member of Honda and believes that he can talk about a new adventure only after the end of the chapter.

There are many beautiful memories behind him. The Spaniard does not rule out the possibility that one day he will return to Honda. "I’m sorry but I won’t speak about [Ducati], especially because I have huge respect for Honda and my full commitment will be until the last lap in Valencia.

So I’m just focused on this weekend and then on Monday, we will start working with the next year’s team," he said. "I don’t like to say that it will be my last race with Honda because you never know, but it will be the end of an era and the end of a nice chapter where we’ve achieved six world championships in 11 years which have been amazing.

This weekend I want to enjoy myself on track and I want to enjoy all the moments [with the team] because next year it will be difficult to imagine working with another group. But in the end, it was my decision and it’s what I want to do."

Marc Marquez