Francesco Bagnaia disappointed because he did not learn from his mistake


Francesco Bagnaia disappointed because he did not learn from his mistake
Francesco Bagnaia disappointed because he did not learn from his mistake © Mirco Lazzari gp / Getty Images Sport

Francesco Bagnaia was not satisfied with his performance at the Qatar GP. Fabio Di Giannantonio overtook him, although Bagnaia had the lead for most of the race. At the end of the race, Bagnaia emphasized that he was happy with his performance, but not completely.

Of course, winning is always imperative. Especially when you are close to victory, but you fail in your intention. “Happy but not happy at 100%,” -Bagnaia said, as quoted by! “I did what I was expecting from myself.

Yesterday I was expecting this pace but I wasn’t able to do it. Today, everything went perfect and from the start I tried to push. I did my ideal race and it was nice to be back leading and pushing. It was a long time since I did my pace so I was very happy.

Happy for the pace we showed but I’m not happy for the mistake that I already did in the past. "

Francesco Bagnaia and 2021 race

Bagnaia recalled the race from 2021. He thinks he had a lot to learn, but he can't be happy considering that race was obviously not a lesson for him.

Francesco did not expect certain things. However, this time he will have the opportunity to learn certain things from his mistakes and change them in the future. “In 2021 I did the same with Johann Zarco. I’m not happy about that because usually you learn from your mistakes.

I was not expecting this type of sucking from the slipstream. Di Gia was fantastic all weekend and his pace was faster than mine”. Jorge Martin had to settle for P10, allowing Baganai to extend his lead. He still doesn't know what happened to Martin, but obviously, he had a problem with pace.

This is a chance that Francesco must use in the right way. It is clear that he has the main say this season, but he will have to do it until the very end. It's incredible how many qualities hr possesses. However, many other factors play a role in the whole story.

“Jorge had a very bad start and it put him in the back. But then I saw that he was struggling with his pace. I don’t know what happened but maybe the same thing happened as it did with me yesterday. I didn’t hear [what happened to him].

I was expecting him to be fourth but I didn’t know that he was tenth. I saw it on the big screen that he was struggling”.

Francesco Bagnaia