Marc Marquez on the Luca Marini deal: It surprises me a little


Marc Marquez on the Luca Marini deal: It surprises me a little
Marc Marquez on the Luca Marini deal: It surprises me a little © Mirco Lazzari gp / Getty Images Sport

Honda had to find a solution after Marc Marquez left their team. In the end, the choice fell on Luca Marini. It is Marini who will sign the contract for two years and will be the Honda team's hope that they can achieve great results.

This 26-year-old Italian will have huge ambitions in the new team, and his desire is to help Honda achieve its goals with joint efforts. Immediately after hearing the information, Marc Marquez revealed his opinion about Marini and his new challenge.

It seems that Marc had a different view of the situation, and thought that Honda would make some other moves. “The natural step, putting everything on the table, is a rider who does not have a contract,” Marquez told AS, as quoted by!

“You take him for a year and then, by 2025, you have both bikes free. You see how the project is and you can go for a Bagnaia, Martin, Pedro Acosta or Marquez, it doesn't matter. "

Marc Marquez on Luca Marini

However, the long-time Honda driver believes that the leaders of this team had obviously good reasons why they appointed the great Italian.

Time will tell if they made a mistake or if this move was good for them. “You can really go for any rider if you have a project to win. It sounds like it will be a two-year contract with Marini, so it surprises me a little, but they will have their reasons.

You would have to ask them that”. Gresini Racing will be Marquez's next destination. After several months of rumours, it turned out that there really is truth in everything. Marc has huge ambitions for the new team. It is obvious that the relationship between him and Honda has not been ideal lately.

The Spaniard understood that it was time for a new chapter. Now he must give his best and show the old version of himself in order to reach the throne again!

Marc Marquez