Alex Marquez: Marc Marquez said he will retire if he doesn't succeed in Ducati!


Alex Marquez: Marc Marquez said he will retire if he doesn't succeed in Ducati!
Alex Marquez: Marc Marquez said he will retire if he doesn't succeed in Ducati! © Mirco Lazzari gp / Getty Images Sport

The Marquez brothers will have the chance to compete together for Gresini Ducati in the 2024 season. The departure of Marc Marquez to this team surprised many. Although many doubted the media headlines and that the Spaniard would really go to a new environment, Marc still decided to leave the Honda team.

His brother, Alex, spoke to the media about Marc's one-year contract as well as whether Marc might leave the team after just one year; “We’ll see. The sense to have just one year is to see if he enjoys this world again.

He is really clever to me. He said: ‘If I don’t enjoy it, I will retire’. It’s like this. It’s a possibility. He wants to see if he can enjoy it again. If he can be fast again after his injury. I have no doubt but he has his doubts.

He has reasons to have [doubts] because I had them when I was on the Honda bike last year. I’m sure in Valencia he will enjoy it again - what’s in his head will disappear really fast”. - Alex said, as quoted by!

Alex Marquez and his impact

Although many believed that Alex was key in the whole deal, this great rider emphasized that he had no influence on Marc's decision. “No. Like he said, he was changing his mind, his idea, every day.

I said one day: ‘You are changing a lot, I will give my opinion as a brother, not as a Gresini Ducati rider’. He needs to change, to recover the feeling, the passion. I saw him on the Motegi podium, not happy as Marc normally is.

He will go to a small team - that doesn’t mean we’re not professional - but it’s a small family, always together. This can help Marc to enjoy it again on the bike and on the track”. Alex revealed what Marc can expect in the new team.

Ducati is ready to give Marquez what it takes to show his qualities again. The Spaniard has not been successful with Honda lately. However, his expectations are that things could be different at Ducati.
“A really good engine, for sure, is what he can expect,” Alex said.

“A bike that can give you a lot of feeling. He rode the same bike for 11 years so he will have to change a lot of things. I changed, and I was just three years with [the Honda], so imagine 11. He is fast adapting to things. He won’t have any problems and he will be fast”.

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