Honda team manager is brutally honest about the split between Honda and Marc Marquez


Honda team manager is brutally honest about the split between Honda and Marc Marquez
Honda team manager is brutally honest about the split between Honda and Marc Marquez © Mirco Lazzari gp / Getty Images Sport

Honda team manager Alberto Puig commented on the departure of Marc Marquez to Gresini Ducati. Although they had great cooperation and huge successes years ago, the Spaniard decided to embark on a new adventure and do great things.

In an interview with the media, Puig confirmed that he accepted Marquez's decision. Honda could not meet his expectations, so the only solution was to part ways. “I think it was something that was possible,” Honda team manager Puig said, as quoted by!

“Marc has been trying to get a bike that suits his riding style. Honda has been trying to do it, but unfortunately we could not do it today. The situation was clear. He needed, let’s say, another type of bike for next year.

We, as Honda, understood. We decided the best thing was to let him go. It’s sad but, when we look back, we did great things together. " Honda and Marquez had great successes. Puig thanked Marc for everything he gave to this team.

“The Repsol Honda team with Marc achieved so many things. Honda is super grateful for all the contributions of Marc to HRC. I’m sure Marc is very grateful for what Honda did for him, the way it treated him during his injury, the efforts they did to prepare [everything] he needed in the past years to get all his titles”.

Alberto Puig

Puig also responded to the reporter's question about whether the relationship between Marquez and Honda had deteriorated over time. The Honda team manager emphasized that Marquez wanted a bike that could meet his expectations.

It is obvious that the Spaniard was frustrated, given that he couldn't be competitive in the Honda team. He already made his decision last week.
Frankly speaking he has been requesting an improvement in the machine for [a long time].

The decision? He took it last Tuesday. Okay, it was something possible. It’s not that Honda will try to convince a rider who does not want to stay at Honda. Honda respects Marc a lot. If his mind is not here, and he wants to leave, Honda will never stop him from doing it.

We didn’t try to ask him to stay if he was not happy. To lose a champion is always not good. But what’s worse is to give up your dream. We will lose Marc but the Honda philosophy is the Honda philosophy, we will keep searching and fighting for a competitive bike, this is our mentality.

We have a lot of ups and downs in the story of Honda but the will to improve to be in the higher positions has always been there. It’s sad to stop this relationship but, on the other hand, it’s a way to keep going.

Life goes on for everybody. We really hope Marc gets what he deserves, a good racing career. We, on the other hand, will try to make a bike to fight against him!”

Marc Marquez