Jorge Martin won the main race of the Japanese Grand Prix in heavy rain

Great race we saw at Japannese Grand Prix main race

by Sededin Dedovic
Jorge Martin won the main race of the Japanese Grand Prix in heavy rain
© Mirco Lazzari gp / Getty Images

Jorge Martin won the Japanese Grand Prix in the Moto GP Championship. Due to bad weather conditions and heavy rain, the race lasted only 12 instead of 24 laps, however, this does not diminish the victory and the great driving of the Spaniard.

Martin registered a double triumph on the "Twin Ring Motegi" track, as he previously won in the sprint, and also recorded his third victory this season. A really good result and ride from this Ducati rider. Second place went to Francesco Banjaja on a Ducati.

Good results from the Ducati team, we hope it will continue like this because Jorge Martin really provides exciting races that the crowd likes.

This year's main race of the Japanese Grand Prix was full of adrenaline with heavy rain

The Japanese Grand Prix was full of excitement, and Martin did the best in extremely difficult conditions.

It was already seen when he won the sprint race that it would be difficult for anyone to beat him. By then, Marquez had worked his way up to third position, ahead of Marko Beceki of the VR46 team, and thus achieved his first podium since mid-October last year and the race in Australia, when he was second.

Beceki was the best among the others, ahead of Ales Espargaro, KTM Racing's Jack Miller and Gasgas driver Augusto Fernandes. The top ten were completed by Fabio di Gianantonio, Raul Fernandes and Fabio Quartararo. It was expected to rain, everyone was just waiting for it to start.

It started raining in Motegi before the start, but the race was declared rain just as it started. Everyone started on dry tires, Martin took the lead ahead of Miller and Banjaya, but as soon as it was clear that the conditions would not improve, most drivers went to change engines.

This did not prevent the great Spaniard from driving a really great race and after the sprint he won the main race as well. Good results of the Ducati team in this race, although it is important to emphasize that the race was postponed due to heavy rain.