Dani Pedrosa gives predictions for the future of Marc Marquez


Dani Pedrosa gives predictions for the future of Marc Marquez
Dani Pedrosa gives predictions for the future of Marc Marquez © Mirco Lazzari gp / Getty Images Sport

Marc Marquez is getting closer to leaving Honda and joining a new team; Gresini Ducati. Dani Pedrosa, a former Honda driver, gave his predictions regarding the meeting between Honda and Marquez. In these conversations, the fate of the Spaniard should be known.

"If there has to be a meeting, I estimate it should be on Tuesday, Wednesday,” -Pedrosa told DAZN! “If they go on to do an event in Tokyo, for HRC, maybe there they can have a first meeting. If they don't finish everything in those first meetings, maybe during the weekend something more.

It's not usually the dynamic of doing office things at the grand prix because you already get into racing mode." Many believe that these meetings will also mean Marquez's request to leave the team. However, Pedrosa emphasizes that these negotiations could also be the demands of the Spaniard.

"From the way he speaks, it seems that he wants to talk to the most represented people at HRC and Honda to see if there are any changes that he is looking for," Pedrosa said.

Marc Marquez

Marquez crashed at the Indian GP but finished 9th in the end.

Pedrosa is ultimately satisfied with how Marquez handled himself. We know the qualities of this Spaniard very well. However, it is necessary for the team to offer him what is needed in order to achieve a good result. "It was the key to re-entering ninth, in the points, after a crash it is a fantastic result.

Obviously more people have fallen too, but he has been very little time on the ground and has been able to lift the bike without stopping the engine, his hand always in the clutch and get back out. His race has been good, plus he has shown that this weekend he has put on that more winning attitude again.

He has not gone out much to conserve and he has also shown it with that comeback after the fall. Maybe in this grand prix, despite the asphalt we have seen and the tyres they have had, it has matched a little all the performance of the other bikes down. So I think that has helped Yamaha and Honda to be a bit closer”.

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