MotoGP: Quartararo won in Jerez

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MotoGP: Quartararo won in Jerez

Fabio Quartararo won the first race of the MotoGP World Championships 2020, in Jerez. The injury of the Spanish champion Marc Marquez does not take away glory from Quartararo's first MotoGP victory. This is the confirmation of his talent that now begins to worry even Vinales who finished the race in second place.

Third place for Dovizioso, fourth Miller, seventh Bagnaia. In a World Championships with few races the unknowns are many. Because the accidents are paid for, because there is not enough time to recover and already next Sunday we will race again.

The two hypotheses for Marquez's intervention

Marc Marquez will be operated on Tuesday 21 July at the Dexeus clinic in Barcelona by the team of Dr. Xavier Mir. The first thing to evaluate is the presence of any damage to the radial nerve of the fractured right arm in the fall: although after the accident Marc managed to move his hand, after a few minutes he lost the mobility of his fingers.

It is likely that this immobility is caused by temporary compression of the nerve and can therefore resolve itself with the passing of the hours. The situation must be assessed before the operation. The second thing to evaluate is the possible insertion of a nail or a plate during the surgery.

The nail would need a small cut to be inserted into the bone to synthesize the fracture. With the nail the recovery times would be less. If, on the other hand, there is a need to use a plate, then the recovery times would be greater, since the plate needs a larger cut.

Marc will miss the next Andalusian GP (which will always take place in Jerez from 24 to 26 July). It is very optimistic to think of seeing Marquez again in Brno in three weeks (Czech Republic GP scheduled from 7 to 9 August).

Of course you will have a clearer picture after the operation. Alex Marquez met his brother at the end of the race and he said: "In the race I noticed that Marc's crash had been bad. Motorcycling is like that, we can all get hurt.

The show he gave before the crash was a world champion. I talked to him, he doesn't want to ruin his season, Marc always wants to win. It will be tough with this injury, but my brother is a beast, he will come back strong."

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