Espargaro on MotoGP crashes: They want to overtake 25 riders in the first corner


Espargaro on MotoGP crashes: They want to overtake 25 riders in the first corner
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MotoGP crashes are something we are used to year after year. Many people wonder how crashes can be reduced and why they happen the most. Aleix Espargaro spoke to the media after the last race about the reasons why crashes occur; "I think we are good enough to try and brake in the right point and not try to overtake 25 riders in the first corner," said Espargaro, as quoted by!

"It’s not about where you put the start, it's about who rides the bike. It’s not that difficult, we have to be a bit more relaxed in the first corner. Other bikers should be more aware of what they are doing. The majority is motivated to the maximum.

Adrenaline works to the point that sometimes they don't think about the consequences of their riding. "Eight riders crashed in the first corner today and it’s dangerous. But believe me, it’s not about where you put the start.

If you put the start in the corner but somebody doesn’t want to brake then it will not help either."

Vinales on Espargaro

Vinales shared the opinion with Espargaro and believes that taking huge risks leads to situations like this.

"It’s very clear that it’s about where you brake. We saw a rider that took too much risk and then had no space. I think it has nothing to do with the layout." Espargaro is a man who supports penalties. However, he believes that penalties should be stricter in certain parts.

"I would like to say that for me, the penalties are okay [in general] but the penalties in corner one need to be more aggressive. I think it’s one Long Lap penalty. But one Long Lap penalty you can get in one race, but in the first corner, if you produce a crash of five riders then this should minimum a double Long Lap penalty."