Francesco Bagnaia: Tyre pressure makes the race a bit less intense

Francesco Bagnaia expects big things in the future

by Sead Dedovic
Francesco Bagnaia: Tyre pressure makes the race a bit less intense
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The Red Bull Ring saw Francesco Bagnaia claim two superb victories at the weekend with a fantastic double win. Tire pressure limits were still a problem for him, as well as for other bikers. Following the race, Bagnaia emphasized that these rules affected the intensity of the race in a negative way.

"For sure, the pressure makes the race a bit less intense because if you overtake as soon as you arrive to the guys in front of you then it’s ok. But if you’re already two or three laps behind then you start to struggle a lot and you have to close a bit to be back again.

It’s something that I did in Jerez with Jack [Miller] and with Brad [Binder]. This is a track where traction, wheelie, acceleration and braking makes a big, big difference compared to other tracks where the entry and corner speed can make the difference.

I think Ducati and KTM are bikes with better braking and stopping. Maybe it’s for that reason that the gaps were like this."- he said, as quoted by!

Francesco Bagnaia and accelaration

There is a lot to be pleased about when it comes to the Italian's performance, but he is convinced that his team has still a lot to improve.

Acceleration is one of the biggest problems they have, but no one doubts that they will be able to solve it as well. Bagnaia possesses the necessary qualities, and the team is ready to put everything in its power to make sure that he succeeds.

It is inevitable that results will be achieved in such an environment. "We improved a bit the first part of acceleration. I think our potential on the start can be higher and the KTM was doing an amazing job. Every time we were close to being like them but we were missing something on the acceleration. I think we have closed this gap so I’m very happy."

Francesco Bagnaia