Marc Marquez on summer break and 'private life'


Marc Marquez on summer break and 'private life'

Marc Marquez will have a break that will be of great help to him. For the next month and a half, the Spaniard will be able to rest and devote his attention to other matters. Things were not exactly ideal for him, but Marquez emphasized that his private life fulfills him and makes him happy.

There is no doubt that Gemma Pinto, Marquez's girlfriend, is the reason for the smile he wears. “This month and a half of break will be good for me in all aspects,” -Marquez said. “On a professional level it is one of my hardest moments, but the personal level is compensating for it, which is one of my best moments.

I am calmer, happier, supported by my family, by my brother, my partner, my manager and the entire team that surrounds me. It is there where the balance is being offset a bit and that will surely give me the strength to keep pushing and to return to Silverstone."

Marc Marquez and his future

This summer will be an ideal chance for Marquez to think carefully about his career, about himself, and what he wants to change in the future.

His goal will be to set goals for the next part of the year and decide his future. The Spaniard has enormous support from his family, friends and girlfriend. As long as you have such support, nothing is impossible for you.
"I give myself the summer to rest, to reflect and to clear my mind too, which will be good.

To start the second half of the season with the same commitment. But it helps a lot that I am in one of my best moments on a personal level and that is what is saving me. It is the only thing that I hold on to to turn this situation around.

To continue working with my people, with mine, with my family, my brother, my partner, my manager to get to Silverstone with the same commitment that I had in Portimao. But with a slightly different approach to try to make the second half of the season more stable”.


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