KTM team manager Francesco Guidotti about the 'interest' in Marc Marquez

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KTM team manager Francesco Guidotti about the 'interest' in Marc Marquez
KTM team manager Francesco Guidotti about the 'interest' in Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez's contract at F1 is due to expire in the year 2024, and many are eagerly anticipating what will await the Spaniard in the future, as well as whether he will remain with the team. There is a growing number of people who believe that Marquez will be able to continue his career with KTM in the near future.

In a recent interview, KTM team manager Francesco Guidotti tried to answer the dilemmas that have surrounded Marquez, revealing whether the team is really interested in him and whether it is in negotiations to acquire him.

"Marc is not a topic we discuss, we have an excellent [breeding ground for young riders] and we draw from there,” Guidotti told Sky Italia, as quoted by crash.net “Marquez at the moment is not a feasible option, he has a contract with Honda.

In 2025 it will be another matter, both for him and for all the riders whose contractts will expire”.

DAZN's Ricard Jove: KTM rejected Marc Marquez

Recently DAZN's Ricard Jove wrote a piece about Marquez in which he confirmed that the Spaniard has offered his services to KTM.

It is important to note, though, that KTM has other plans, and Marquez is not one of them. “They have rejected him due to the ‘strategy’ of the brand,” Jove wrote. “That's what the KTM boss has said and, by the way, I don't believe it either.

It can be only an initial strategy for the negotiation”. Marc quickly denied offering himself to anyone and confirmed that he is not currently negotiating with any team. “I've heard this rumour because one of my mechanics has joked and it's a complete lie.

Yes, it's true that when the factories see that a rider is in difficulty, they ask and in this case I'm still committed to Honda, I have a valid contract, so nothing”.

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