Marco Bezzecchi: On the track it is difficult to have friends


Marco Bezzecchi: On the track it is difficult to have friends

In an interview with the media, Marco Bezzecchi spoke about his ambitions for this season. Bezzechi is in second place, behind Franceso Bagnai. Although he has a good chance for the title, Marco is still not thinking about it and is only focused on the future and the new challenges that await him.

"It is good to be close to Pecco, for the moment. But honestly, I’m still not thinking about the championship. First of all because having the sprint and the main GP in the same weekend makes it very easy to lose everything very quickly.

I just want to continue like this, thinking weekend by weekend, race by race and enjoying riding the bike. Now we go to Mugelli which will be a very nice weekend."- he said, as quoted by

Binder and Bezzecchi

Binder is another Moto GP rider who is doing great things.

What he and Bezzecchi have in common is that they attended the same academy. Bezzecchi emphasized that he has good relations with everyone, but that during the race it is difficult to make friends. Everyone gives their best and wants to be better than the others.

In such an atmosphere, the most important thing is to do your best, and the least focus is on friendship. "It is how it looks on the outside. It’s the same! In the end, we stayed together many, many times at home and at the races.

Also, in the races he came to me many times to say hello and speak a little bit. We are very friendly, very good friends, but also on the track it is difficult to have friends. I want to try and continue like this but you know, it’s tough.

In MotoGP the rivalry is very high, the competition is very high. But to have him and the other guys from the academy makes this a bit better. I hope to continue in this way with him."

Marco Bezzecchi shows from moment to moment how ambitious he is and how ready he is to give his maximum at every moment.