Enea Bastianini announced his return to the Spanish GP


Enea Bastianini announced his return to the Spanish GP

It is still unknown whether Enea Bastianini will perform at the Spanish GP. However, according to everything, Bastianini will perform after an injury that kept him off the track for a long time. "Ten laps at Misano aboard the Panigale V4S to understand my condition,” Bastianini said, as quoted by crash.netAfter weeks of rest and rehabilitation I feel ready to get back on track.

On Thursday I will fly to Jerez for the final check of the doctors. See you there."
Bastianini is a big fan of this sport and is doing his best to return as soon as possible. His desire and motive are incredible. Enea has high hopes that he will return.

"The last indications were good, the last test at Misano was much more positive than the one before Austin. I didn't hesitate, I'll leave for Jerez even if I'm not 100 percent. I can't stay at home, I feel like racing. I'll try to bring home a few points.

I'll be happy if I can stay in the top 10, it would be a good result."

Enea Bastianini on painkillers

Enea has great hope in painkillers because he is aware of what could present him with a big problem. "I will have to adapt to the speeds of MotoGP, the critical part will be the management of the race and to keep the pace high.

I know that I will be very annoyed by the right-hand corners and in Jerez they are enough. Let's hope the painkillers will take effect. I'm calmer for the Sprint than for the normal race”. Missing COTA was not a decision he took lightly.

"Not being there was hard to accept. Austin is one of my favourite tracks, it was a complicated choice, after the test I thought about it for five hours, but I think it was the wisest decision."

Enea Bastianini