Jack Miller on problems at the Americas Moto GP

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Jack Miller on problems at the Americas Moto GP
Jack Miller on problems at the Americas Moto GP (Provided by Sport World News)

Jack Miller looked great at Sunday's Americas Moto GP until he slid off on lap 7. He couldn't hide his frustration after the race, knowing he had the speed and a great chance for a good result. "Not what we wanted,” said Miller, as quoted by crash.net Miller was focused throughout the race and looked as great as ever.

It was obvious that he was giving his best. “We were there having a red-hot crack at it. The bike was working pretty decent, I was able to reel [Bagnaia and Rins] in each lap in that Sector 2. I was just sort of settled in, had swapped the maps over probably 2 laps prior.

I felt pretty comfortable and those other boys were starting to come back to me. Their pace was starting to rise just a little bit once the tyres got to the point where we needed to start nursing them."

Jack Miller talks about the problem

Jack Miller explained what the big problem was.

“Checking the data, I did hold a tighter [line] in turn six beforehand, and then as I changed [direction], I sort of paused on the change before putting it in there because I was coming from a bit wider. Then [the team] think it sort of loaded the rear and when she's unloaded it’s put a little bit more on the front.

So that could have had something to do with it. That's all it takes around here." However, he seems to have accepted this outcome because he is aware that things had to be that way. We have no doubt that Miller will quickly forget about this and focus on the next challenges.

“Once it tucked, I held it on the elbow there for a bit, but there's no saving it. It is what it is. We were competitive today. We have decent pace there with those other boys. I felt comfortable but she got away from me. “This track’s slippery and it's unforgiving.

You had to ride with that little bit of margin and it looked like Rins was able to do that throughout the weekend”.

Jack Miller