Alex Marquez: My brother Marc envies Ducati

"A bit, yes. And he tells me how well we are doing. "

by Sead Dedovic
Alex Marquez: My brother Marc envies Ducati

The interesting situation on the Moto GP scene. In this season, we will watch the race of the Marquez brothers; Marc and Alex. By all accounts, Alex, who is less known to those who do not follow Moto GP, will have a much better bike than his brother.

Alex confirmed that his brother feels a small amount of jealousy considering that he will have a great bike. "A bit, yes. And he tells me how well we are doing. But we haven't talked much beyond the healthy [amount] either. I come from there and I know perfectly well what he has and he knows the position which I am now in.

Without speaking you see the other person, because we know each other a lot”. - he said , as quoted by Alex made many laugh when he answered the question; Did Marc question him about the details of his bike? "Not much, because he knows I'm not going to tell him anything and so he doesn't ask anymore,” Alex said.

Marc Marquez in Ducati?

It would be interesting if Marc was in Ducati. Alex reacted to such an option: "It would go better and I would be in a very different situation, but you don't know that until you get on the bike. [If he] stays with Honda, it's more entertaining that way, right? Fulfilling his contract? Yes.

He speaks openly in his documentary and tells Honda that, if not with them, he will look [elsewhere], but he will fulfil his contract until 2024. Then we'll see". Alex can't imagine his brother on another team right now. But he did not rule out any option.

"Neither in Ducati nor in KTM or anything, I can't imagine it. Although in the future you never know. If he changes, it's not for money."

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