Aleix Espargaro: Marc Marquez is the greatest talent, but he also needs a good bike


Aleix Espargaro: Marc Marquez is the greatest talent, but he also needs a good bike

There is no need to spend too many words about Marc Marquez and his talent. All those who know the Spanish driver know how good he is. Aleix Espargaro believes that Marc Marquez is the most talented rider, but sometimes talent is not enough.

He also needs a good bike “For me, Marc is the most talented rider I’ve raced with,” Espargaro said, as quoted by "Now, however, there is a great levelling between the bikes and also the level of riders is very high.

Before there were four or five riders in front of everyone. Even getting into the top 10 has become difficult. If Honda do not give him a good bike, it will be difficult for Marquez to fight. Aprilia and Ducati are doing an incredible job.

There is a theme that the Italian brands are educated to a high level, what is happening with the Japanese brands is strange."

Aleix Espargaro: I have no pressure and I am relaxed

Espargaro is aware of the competition he will have, but he does not bother too much with these questions.

“There are many strong Ducatis and practically no rookies,” said Espargaro. “So there are a dozen riders who can win the championship. Will it reward regularity a lot because there are more races or can you risk more because there are more chances to recover points? It’s not an easy question.

The goal is the title. But I have no pressure and I am relaxed."
Aleix believes that he is much more mature now, and he wants to confirm that on the Moto GP tracks. “I know I have the weapons and the experience that I didn’t have at the beginning of last year.

I have matured as a rider so I feel calm. In the past two years, not only I have learned a lot, but the whole of Aprilia has”. This season could bring many surprises. There will be interesting duels

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