Honda Boss: Clearly, we are not there yet. Where we want to be

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Honda Boss: Clearly, we are not there yet. Where we want to be

Alberto Puig, the Repsol Honda boss spoke about the preseason test with which he is not quite satisfied. Puig wants his team to improve, and there is plenty of room for that. “It was an evolution of what we tried in Valencia.

For us, the testing will finish in Portimao. Clearly, we are not there yet. Where we want to be. To keep on trying solutions that we have, we have many ideas, but we have to bring them and prove that they are working. This is what we are doing now."- he said, as quoted by Although they are still not where they expected, Puig believes that they are going in the right direction that will provide them with what they envisioned.

“One of our goals is to improve traction but it’s not the only one. We have to improve many, many things. We think that we are in the right direction. We had four bikes - the same, with different settings. But we don’t have a completely new concept.

We do not think that we have achieved our goal. No. From engine and from chassis, we have possibilities. But we need more time, this is clear”.

Puig on his drivers

Marc Marquez is back after his injury and he will be the strongest link of his team.

There are great expectations from the great Spaniard, but it is difficult to predict what will happen. Puig believes in his drivers and expects the best. "Marc is good, his condition is much better compared to last year,” Puig said.

“He can do laps and, the next morning, he is not destroyed, sore, painful. We see progress with Joan. He is improving and understanding the bike. If we bring the bike that we think we can bring? We cannot forget Joan is a two-time world champion. This is the reason that he is here”.