Marc Marquez: I am happier about my physical condition than the bike

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Marc Marquez: I am happier about my physical condition than the bike

Marc Marquez respected the Honda engineers and their demands. However, Marquez believes that there are certain problems that Honda must solve. "A new technical manager arrived at HRC, and he wants to understand many things about concept,” Marquez said, as quoted by “I don’t know why but they want to know.

They have their reason. I was not asking, I was just riding. This makes life very difficult for a rider at a test! The person at Honda with the most experience is me, so they chose me to try all these experimental things. The bike balance was different.

It was much more physical. But I hope it was useful for them. Sometimes as a rider it is important to give feedback. But only feedback. Don’t infect the engineers with your ideas about chassis, concept, and all these things."

Marc Marquez and his physical health

However, Marquez is happy about his physical health.

"When I was riding well the lap times were not bad, but still far from the top five guys. I am happier about my physical condition than the bike”. Marc always wants more from his team and himself. There are no limits for him and he is ready to go to the very end.

"Always you want more, more, more,” he said. “But I must congratulate the team for organising in a very good way. Physically I feel really good and, for me, this is the most important thing. I understand when I want to be fast, when I want to be slower.

In the past two years this was impossible because my physical condition was not good. We started the test with four bikes, then three bikes, today two bikes, and in the afternoon just one bike. I have decided ‘this is the bike’. But it isn’t the bike I need to win the championship. I need another step."