Livio Suppo is optimistic about Joan Mir and Alex Rins

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Livio Suppo is optimistic about Joan Mir and Alex Rins

Former Ducati and Honda chief Suppo was part of the Suzuki team last year where he led Joan Mir and Alex Rins. Joan Mir is now the head of the Honda team, while Rins is part of the LCR team. Suppo gave predictions about their new adventure.

"Both Joan and Alex only have experience with Suzuki in MotoGP," said Suppo, as quoted by "They’ve only been able to ride an inline-four engine, which riders in the paddock will tell you is easier to ride than the V4.

But if they can take that out of their minds and approach the bike as a bike, I believe that will help them. It won’t be easy for sure as they have a very difficult reference inside because Marc is Marc. It’s 10 years that nobody has been able to score more points than him over a season on the same bike.

The last time Honda won a race without Marc was back in 2017, which is a very long time. They have a difficult challenge in front of them, this is obvious. But I believe both can do it. They’re both super talented and with the right approach, the right mindset, I believe they can have good seasons."

Suppo is optimistic

However, Suppo is optimistic about these two drivers, considering the talent they possess.

He expects a lot from them. “It depends on the bike, of course, but I have no doubt over the talent of both Joan and Alex. If they don’t get lost, that talent will show. They’ve both got two-year contracts with HRC.

I think that’s enough time to get used to a new configuration and enough to prove that they are fast. Every year we start from zero and everyone has the same opportunity. Even though the gap between Honda and Ducati, which is the best bike out there, is huge, I still think they can have a good season."