Jorge Martin: The market is moving, we are open to everything


Jorge Martin: The market is moving, we are open to everything

Jorge Martin still has no concrete plans, and 2024 is a big unknown. Martin emphasized that the market is going in a different direction and that he is open to any option. "I mean, at the end of the day, the market is moving, it’s always moving,” Martin told

“And when there’s a possibility of a move, everybody talks. But… we are open to everything. To keep with Ducati, to move – we just need to wait, and our main target is to be focused on the season, to try to battle for wins and the title if it’s possible.

After we’ll think about moving or not”. Franco Morbidelli reacted to rumors that Toprak Razgaltioglu will replace him. Morbidelli is not too worried about that, even though it is not reliable information. He is yet to show his qualities.

“I read on the internet and on social media a few comments, I get to do that from time to time. I don’t think there was ever a real danger of Toprak coming in my place, though. It was never pointed out to me by anyone.

Definitely it was the comment and the desire of some Yamaha fans, because they did not see performance from me and at the same time they saw it from him in Superbike. It is an understandable sentiment”.

Franco Morbidelli and the new season

Morbidelli believes that this season things will finally go great for him.

He is optimistic and feels good at the moment. “They say when you lose is when you learn the most – I learned quite a lot last year, then,” Morbidelli said during the Yamaha launch. “I discovered a new bike and I had to re-adapt to a new package, and it took some time – but especially towards the end of last season, I felt something.

I really want to bring it over to this season and make it, even, sprout. I’m looking for some redemption this year. Everything feels like it’s going upwards”.