Marc Marquez explained the incident from 2015: It was not easy for a 22-year-old


Marc Marquez explained the incident from 2015: It was not easy for a 22-year-old

Marc Marquez has been the subject of various rumors many times. His style and his way of driving can sometimes cause various reactions, but that's who he is. In his documentary, the Spaniard commented on the bizarre situation from 2015 in which his teammates Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi were fighting for the title.

Marquez held off Rossi who was in 4th place. That's how Lorenzo won the title. Marquez had a lot of problems then, and it was not easy for him to handle the pressure. "I don't openly admit it," he told GQ. “It's not that I didn't want to overtake [Lorenzo], but overtaking him meant taking a very big risk.

What I openly recognize in the documentary, what I explain, is what I lived through those weeks. From there, whoever wants to see it black will see it black, and whoever wants to see it white will see it white, but whoever wants to put themselves in the situation of a 22-year-old boy who has lived through all that, will see it grey."

Marc Marquez and his style

The Spaniard does not like it when someone "touches" him.

His goal has always been to be as good as possible and to progress. He used to make big mistakes in that quest for victory and finish races in a bad way. But no one can change his style and desire. Marc Marquez is just like that.

“That is, I have character, but don't touch me when you don't have to touch me because then it will be worse. People often ask me what I would change about 2015, and I think what would change is the way Valentino managed the end of the year. When you are not the fastest on the track, you look to mix things up to see what you can catch”.

Marc Marquez