Jack Miller: People like me because I show emotion. Many are robots

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Jack Miller: People like me because I show emotion. Many are robots

Jack Miller is one of the most popular riders in Moto GP. His charisma and openness are what fans love. Miller believes that the emotion factor plays a key role. "It’s not too difficult. At the end of the day, I’m a normal bloke like everybody else so that’s the way I see myself," said Miller, as quoted by motorsport.com "My job is riding a motorcycle but at the end of the day we’re all skin and bones so it doesn’t change the human factor, I guess.

I think people are drawn maybe to somebody who shows normal human emotion a little bit more. In the good moments and the bad moments. As you said, people are drawn to it a little bit more, people can relate to it a little bit more so I think it's kind of good in our sport in this day and age.

A lot of people are almost robotized or robotic in their emotions, whereas I think the fans themselves like somebody they can relate to and somebody they can understand and you know, we all go through that sort of rollercoaster that is life."


Miller is satisfied with KTM's progress and the successes they have achieved.

"It’s amazing to see the journey that KTM have been on throughout my MotoGP career, watching them grow, pretty much as long as I have! It’s been awesome to be an outsider looking-in so now to be an insider, it’s going to be a whole different ball game.

What they’ve achieved in the small amount of time they’ve been there with a brand new project has been pretty impressive. So, I’m looking forward to taking what I’ve learnt in my time in MotoGP and bringing it to the effort and hopefully on both parts we’re able to improve."